The Bastardization of Democracy

I’m not certain who said this first, or even when I heard it for the first time. But I love the simplicity of this explanation of democracy. Democracy is three wolves and two sheep voting on what is for dinner.

For quite some time now self-labeled Progressives, and others of their ilk, that claim to be something else have been throwing around the word democracy as if it is all important. Joe Biden said the word “democracy” 11 times in his Presidential acceptance speech. That is the most by any president to date. That may give the appearance that the left believes in democracy, but they do not. Oh, they will tout democracy as the concrete in our foundation so long as things go their way. But as soon as democracy proves to not be in their favor on any given subject, they run straight to the judicial branch in order to shift the tide toward their ideology. If they truly believed in democracy, they would continue to push in the legislature for reform. After all, that was the system devised and implemented in the country’s origin. But ever since the left won major court battles over prayer in schools, they seem to have decided that the Legislature is too cumbersome and it’s just much more simple to convince five of nine Supreme Court justices that their side is right, regardless if there’s any law associated with the debate. Which is contrary to what the Supreme Court is supposed to decide. That being the constitutionality of law(s) passed by the legislative branch.

Congress just today passed a $1.2 Trillion “Infrastructure” spending bill and over the next week or so, Congress will have likely passed an increase of the debt ceiling. And with these two large albatrosses neatly tucked away until next time, the Progressives will be able to focus their attention on something that could potentially shift the balance of power in an unconventional, and likely devastating, manner. By calling for “expanding” or “packing” the Supreme Court, Progressives will try to undo any gains made by conservatives over the past two decades.

If Progressives truly believe in democracy, they will introduce legislation in the federal Congress that will address the once again controversial issue of abortion. The fact that the state of Texas was successful in defending, before the Supreme Court, the law passed in Texas regarding abortion up to six weeks shows exactly how the process is supposed to work. But since it didn’t work out in the left’s favor, they will refuse to accept the decision. Progressives will be all too happy to use this latest Supreme Court decision to appeal to their base and other pro-choice minded citizens to be sure to vote and keep them in power. And they will dangle the carrot of packing the court while getting just as close to the edge as possible of actually promising, so as not to scare away moderates.

But if, in the near or distant future, progressives see an opportunity to actually “pack” the Supreme Court, there can be little doubt that they will do just that. And you can bet that if Democrats retain majorities in both the House and Senate after the midterm elections, increasing the number of justices on the Supreme Court will be paramount on their list of priorities.

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      Elected democrats no longer believe in democracy. Their new lean is towards totalitarianism. Two recent examples, (1) participate in a protest against a fraudulent election and get labeled an insurrectionist and thrown in jail, and (2) call out your military leadership for failing in Afghanistan, and get thrown in the brig facing prosecution. WAKE UP AMERICA!!!

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