Leftists have created their own little monsters all across the country. But unlike Frankenstein’s monster, the fictional sole creature that has captivated our imaginations for more than two centuries and is essentially a benign story, the little leftist monsters are numerous and are very much a real threat. And also, unlike the creature summoned by the imagination of Mary Shelley, in which unintended consequences arise from an experiment in which man attempts to play God, the leftist creatures have been manipulated for a very nefarious purpose. But like that ill-advised experiment gone awry, this leftist experiment will result in much misery.

The leftist’s nefarious purpose is not difficult to see. They seek unfettered power to control the masses. Many tactics have been employed to manipulate, but societal brainwashing, or “mass hypnotic psychosis” as I’ve recently heard it called, is the base of this manipulation. Some leftists are pushing the brainwashing. Many without knowing. That’s the difference between the nefarious ones and the useful idiots. Many are susceptible to these manipulations, and some will act on it to catastrophic ends.

The Nashville trans mass murderer, who killed several in a Catholic school, is one of these leftist creatures.

Those employing the tactic of brainwashing are the truly nefarious ones. They are the ones that seek to manipulate Americans to alter society for a multitude of reasons. Whether it is to fundamentally change American society, to gain or retain power, to amass wealth, to be king/queen, it matters not. All are antithetical to the original construct of America. All are part of the same group that will remove the power from the people and place it in the hands of the global elite.

They manipulate through individual causes, (i.e. abortion, LGBTQ+ rights, BLM, DEI, etc.) in which they can, through repetition, alter both language and concepts into the vernacular, the very fabric, of American society. This explains how an LGBTQ+ member might support the Palestinians attacking Israel. The manipulators isolate these into individual issues/concerns, so their acolytes don’t realize they are supporting antithetical concepts which would be realized irrationalities if one were to look at the big picture. Or how they could justify to themselves, or as a group, the attack on a private Catholic school by a member of the trans community. Because the church doesn’t support, and often actively battles the LGBTQ+ agenda, many members of the Trans community, among other pitiful groups, feel Christians deserve what happened.

The useful idiots give the nefarious one’s greater numbers. They assist in the manipulations and give more credence to that tiny minority. They help recruit even greater numbers that do not look at or are not capable of understanding the big picture.

Useful idiots:
MSM – Main Stream Media (Print & TV): Gain/maintain access to politicians/bureaucrats. Please the corporate news office and obtain promotions or receive perceived bigger/better assignments. CNN for leftists, Fox News for those on the right. Two sides of the same coin. But the left holds a tight grip over MSM which the right will likely never obtain.
Movie industry: Bigger/better roles. Move up more rapidly. Peer praise. It’s obvious some don’t have a clue what they’re talking about. They just parrot, to the best of their understanding, what they’ve heard at parties or at their self-congratulatory award shows. Things that please the heads of the industry and others in the power vortex. They generally have no backbone. With a few exceptions from the right (i.e. James Woods, Rosanne), the left holds the vast majority of movie industry employees within their sphere of influence.
TV: Late-night comedians are limited in their actual comedy. Rarely poking fun at the left or leftist ideology. Constantly degrading the right. Labeling the right as fascist or Nazi, even though it is on the left that these ideologies reside. Most late-night comedians have traded in laughs for virtue signaling. Viewers that lean right are sick of being told how deplorable they are. And when the network’s late show hosts have them shaking their heads instead of laughing, they predictably migrate to someone they relate to more. And since there is currently only one late-night show they enjoy, it’s no wonder “Gutfeld!” has such a large audience.
Social Media Influencers: This is a relatively new breed. These are individuals that espouse things they may or may not agree with for a variety of reasons. Either for monetary gain, peer accolades, or just to be the center of attention, they continually try to “one up” each other so they keep espousing more and more extreme points of view. And the more groups they identify with, the more credence they feel they deserve. They thrive on conflict and are rewarded by likes, thumbs up, etc.

Each of these mediums have individuals that seek to have, or at least appear to have, greater influence than they actually possess. And that’s what makes them useful idiots.

Regardless of how individuals get to the mindset of justifying their actions when they shoot up a school of “privileged crackers”, as the Nashville Trans shooter wrote in their manifesto, the foundation began with the brainwashing. Contrived and constructed by a small group and spearheaded by a conglomerate of useful idiots. We are now reaping what they have sown, and we will pay a heavy toll before we get back to the rational, lawful, love your neighbor, America we were promised.

Some questions should be asked daily. Repeatedly. Until those holding back feel they have no choice but to address our majority held concerns. Why has the manifesto been so hard to obtain? Why hasn’t it been released? Crowder finally had a very small portion of it leaked to them several weeks ago but nothing since. When will we the people be allowed to explore the mind of a homicidal maniac? If the leftists have their way, we will never be allowed to see just how they created their Little Leftist Monster.


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