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The Peasant Crusade in the USA

There are a great many diabolical things that nefarious individuals within the United States government have done during its 2 ½ centuries of existence. Most recently of note is the invasion being enabled at the southern border. Many look at it from the perspective of being generous in allowing some of those with the most difficulties in life to come […]


Leftists have created their own little monsters all across the country. But unlike Frankenstein’s monster, the fictional sole creature that has captivated our imaginations for more than two centuries and is essentially a benign story, the little leftist monsters are numerous and are very much a real threat. And also, unlike the creature summoned by the imagination of Mary Shelley, […]

Long Live Liberty!

First let me say, “Happy Independence Day!” And it is in this spirit that I celebrate the recent Supreme Court decisions. Vive La Liberte` Three big Supreme Court decisions of late have caused many leftists heads to explode. They have called the decisions handed down by the court just about everything from their play book. Racist, bigoted, homophobic, etc. The […]

Equality, Not to be Conflated with Equity

Recently, I was invited to attend a virtual meeting that was to focus on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI). I have recently blogged on each of these, so I thought it a great opportunity to either receive confirmation of my understanding of each, or an opportunity for exposure to that which I have not yet had exposure to. The D […]

The Living Contradiction: (In)Tolerance

If you claim you are tolerant, yet you will not tolerate my beliefs, then by definition you are intolerant. That is not to say you must tolerate everyone and everything to qualify as being tolerant. Striking back at someone that has attacked you is merely self-defense. Or maybe another way of looking at it would be you are allowed to […]

Equity and Equality are not Interchangeable

In an attempt to marginalize their opponents, the left has developed a strategy of labeling any that would dare to counter their declared views as “white supremacist.” This is a strategy not far removed from the similarly deployed attack of labeling any contrary opinion as “racism” and the expressor as “racist.” But these labels are not limited to only people […]

Inclusive or Exclusive. Both should be acceptable.
But careful, hypocrisy is just around the corner.

You cannot claim to be inclusive while being exclusive. You cannot claim to be open to diversity while excluding or rejecting others based on their race, sex, color, or creed. There are thousands of examples that could show exclusion. And of those that would claim the exclusion justified, none could also claim to be inclusive. By definition, inclusive and exclusive […]

Systemic Racism. Systemic Authoritarianism.
One is a False Narrative to Distract from the Other, Very Real, Threat to Liberty.

At the inception of the United States of America, slavery was an institution utilized by many, but far from by all, to build both individual wealth and national wealth as well as infrastructure. Many understood slavery to be the abomination that it is. The Civil War was fought with abolitionism as a key component to rectify this great wrong perpetrated […]

Book Banning? The Hyperbole in Social Media Posts.

America’s most well-known shock-jock Howard Stern can say whatever he wants. It is his protected right to do so. Over the air radio has been regulated for decades. American society decided those many decades ago that some things said or sung are not acceptable to be broadcast over the air waves. Howard Stern is a great example. Many years ago […]