Equity and Equality are not Interchangeable

Equity and Equality are not Interchangeable

In an attempt to marginalize their opponents, the left has developed a strategy of labeling any that would dare to counter their declared views as “white supremacist.” This is a strategy not far removed from the similarly deployed attack of labeling any contrary opinion as “racism” and the expressor as “racist.” But these labels are not limited to only people with light skin. Simply standing up for what has been traditionally the culture of the West is enough reason to be pummeled with the moniker of white supremacist by those that would self identify as “woke.” There are plenty of examples of this. I am not certain if the label “Uncle Tom” would be one of the original attempts at marginalizing people of color that support Western culture, but it is certainly the earliest example of which I am familiar. And while it has been quite a while since that pejorative, “Uncle Tom”, was first used and persists, the tactic has not changed much.

If you go back and read the first sentence of the first paragraph, you might notice I put forth the left and “their declared views.” Because what is declared, and what is reality can sometimes be antithetical. For example, the left used to claim to be for equality. And that’s something we can, and in my opinion should, get behind. But several years back their declared view of equality was replaced by equity. Now, these words are vastly different. Equality is based in the idea everyone should be equal in the areas of rights, opportunity, and without restraints that others are not bound by. Equity is being equal in outcome, no matter the personal circumstances. Equity is also defined as justice and fairness. This is where most fall into the trap.

While equality can be very black and white (referring to contrast, not skin color), equity can be very gray. Because in the gray words will and in his and him and his life and is a is a a and he is as old as a is a you and I is as much as a whole is a you will is and him and he is and is and him and his is a you live is a you and you and him and him and I and in the same rights as an ex-media – you is you will and so you and I and I admire, usually a I see you are a you and ness of we imperfect humans trying to create justice and fairness, we place restraints on some while gifting free passes to others. While attempting to force equity, we trample on equality.

For the left, the demise of equality is acceptable because it is a construct of Western culture. And by their own words, they believe Western culture is rooted in white supremacy. And since people of color have not, in their arguably justified view, ever had equality, equity is the only acceptable remedy. But in this thought resides a paradox. Because life is not fair. It is an impossibility. There can never be fairness in equal outcome because our circumstances are all different. There can be no “Utopia” since, by definition, it is an impractically idealistic goal. Equity is just like utopia, an impractical goal. The best we fallible humans can hope to get close to is equality. When we focus our attention on equality, we have very distinct lines that can be drawn. We can say “I have this right, so should my neighbor.” “I have no restraints that are not also restraints on my neighbor.” “Both my neighbor and I have the opportunity.” Now, what you do with that opportunity is up to you. If you blow your opportunity (i.e. fail the test, fail the company project) it is fair that you not advance or receive the same outcome as someone whom has succeeded in these tasks.

In the grayness of equity there will always be actual unfairness. For the simple fact that human bias will be the determinant of what is fair. Not the mere perception of unfairness which is subjective, but the literal unfairness which is objective. With equity no one is able to know the distinct lines because there are none.

We must continue to strive for equality because as we get closer to true equality each individual will be able to realize a true fairness and actual justice that each deserve. We must reject those that try to manipulate us through derogatory labels like “white supremacist”, “racist”, and “Uncle Tom”. They only employ this tactic because they know their push for equity is divisive, keeps them in power and the money flowing to their groups, and can never be concluded because there can be no distinct finish line to cross. Equality on the other hand, has a very distinct finish line and it is possible we should have already crossed it. If only the dividers had helped unify instead of actively opposing the great equalizer that is “Equality.”

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