The Peasant Crusade in the USA

The Peasant Crusade in the USA

There are a great many diabolical things that nefarious individuals within the United States government have done during its 2 ½ centuries of existence. Most recently of note is the invasion being enabled at the southern border. Many look at it from the perspective of being generous in allowing some of those with the most difficulties in life to come to a better place to thrive with their families. This is understandable and acceptable within limits. But what is happening is far beyond that and for I believe a nefarious purpose. We’re being lied to, propagandized, by the very government that is sworn to protect the citizenry. When in truth they seek to tear down the very foundations of this country, get rid of the Constitution, and restructure into some other form of government which more easily controls the populace.

I realize this is difficult for some to believe or even to grasp. Those that find themselves in this category are generally some of the most caring, loving, compassionate and unfortunately naïve individuals. They project their abundant positive qualities onto those in the government who are sworn to serve the people. And that projection limits their ability to be critical, logical in thought, and in general skeptical. And if one is incapable of recognizing the lies and propaganda being presented as fact, it’s no wonder we find ourselves in this fundamental transformation being perpetrated by the elites and the oligarchs within our midst. So, it is our duty to point out the lies and propaganda at every turn. We must remind them of history. So that we might help others be able to recognize and awaken and arise before we reach the point of no return.

Do you recall how subliminal messaging was done in the movie theater? In an attempt to get you to buy soda and popcorn. If you do not recall, look up James Vicary and subliminal advertising. If you would rather not look it up, here’s a synopsis. In film there are 24 frames per second. These are 24 individual photos that when run in succession is interpreted by your brain to be a moving image. The brain is actually capable of taking more or less photos in succession and interpreting that as a moving image. Something very interesting the brain is able to do is to remove from the succession of photos an individual frame that is not conducive with the frames on either side of them. This is how they would drop one individual image into the succession of frames, and you consciously would not recognize it. But your brain, capable of seeing each individual photo, would see it. It would just drop out that individual frame that conflicts with the others so that it would not interfere with the translation of the individual photos into a moving image. You didn’t know that you are being manipulated, but that did not change the fact that you were indeed being manipulated. A thought provoked by external stimuli, implanted in the subconscious. We find ourselves in that very same position today but unlike the subliminal advertising, we are being manipulated by only being shown very specific images and strategically worded dialogue which will foster very specific thoughts to achieve a very specific conclusion.

We are reminded every day that as compassionate, caring, and loving citizens of this Earth we should have our open arms stretched out to receive the underprivileged of the world. And that is a great thing to aspire to. We should, to an extent, foster those very things. The thing which we are not being shown or reminded of is history and how masses of people can be utilized to weaken a strong nation. The Peasant Crusade (April-October 1096), also known as the People’s Crusade and was the first crusade, is a very poignant event from human history that we might want to remember. Prior to the military campaigns known as the Crusades, The Roman Catholic Church led by Pope Urban II and supported by the elites and oligarchs of that time wanted to reclaim the holy land which was controlled by Arab Muslims. But they knew the Empire of the Turks, which controlled that region at the time, was far too strong to take on completely through military means. So, they devised a plan to weaken that empire by sending the sick, downtrodden, hungry, criminals and generally those which were deemed as undesirables to those in power in Europe. The church assigned the leading of this force to Peter the Hermit. And with around 40-thousand of these desperate people’s and accompanied by a handful of minor knights, they traveled to what is modern-day Turkey to overwhelm the Turkish Empire. If the communities within the empire would receive these individuals, the empire’s food stores and other reserves would be reduced making future military campaigns for the Europeans an easier task. And this did work to an extent. The generosity of the people in smaller towns and villages within this empire was great. They did what they could to help those they saw in need. And when the criminals that came along did not get what they needed, they took it. Chaos followed the horde wherever it went.

When I look at the things that are happening at our southern border, the droves of people that are coming and entering and given court appearance dates of eight years from now, I cannot help but think this is by design much like the peasant Crusade. And that brings us to why. Why? Why are the powers that be in the greatest nation on this Earth in the early part of the 21st century allowing this modern-day peasant crusade?

It will be quite difficult for many to grasp or accept the premise that there are diabolical individuals within our government that along with other entities in the world are taking steps to undermine the United States Republic in an attempt to remove the Constitution as the mortar that binds the country as founded. Those that seek to fundamentally transform the United States realize that the Constitution is the only thing standing between control of the US government, as intended by the founders, by we the people and the seizing of that power by the elites and oligarchs within and from without its boundaries.

The modern-day peasant crusade will have rippling effects across the country that are desirable to those seeking to alter the power structure within this great nation. Not only will it diminish food stores and reserves this country is already depleted of, but it also greatly increases the number of people dependent on government. And those in power understand that when an individual is dependent on government, they will vote for those which promise to keep taking care of them. And the individuals coming across the border now may not have the right to vote, but they will in the not-too-distant future. Individuals which are granted amnesty and given citizenship will be able to vote. When there are enough individuals in seats of power that will allow for the blanket amnesty of millions that have entered the country thru the gate and under the fence, a great change from individualism to socialism will occur. And that will be the defining line where we can say the final nail in the coffin was driven that signaled the end of our constitutional Republic and where we fully succumbed to the treacherous clutches of communism.

If we extrapolate further the lessons learned from the Crusades, multiple military Crusades followed the Peasant Crusade. That’s not to say this is the desired outcome by the powers that be, but it could be a backup plan.

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