Long Live Liberty!

Long Live Liberty!

First let me say, “Happy Independence Day!” And it is in this spirit that I celebrate the recent Supreme Court decisions. Vive La Liberte`

Three big Supreme Court decisions of late have caused many leftists heads to explode. They have called the decisions handed down by the court just about everything from their play book. Racist, bigoted, homophobic, etc. The singular thing they refuse to classify these decisions, of which is paramount in the court’s responsibilities, is that of constitutionality. Each of these decisions is based on the Constitution and something the left claims to support, equality. Although they conflate equality and equity too often.

The Supreme Court decision to strike down the long-standing race-based discrimination practice of “affirmative action” in college admissions was long overdue. And there are great many more aspects of our society we need to take another look at. Race-based discrimination by our institutions has no place in American society.

Even more constitutionally based was the decision to prohibit the executive branch from canceling student debt. If individuals cannot understand that only Congress can do this, they must either be ignorant about the constitutional structure of American government, they have student loan debt themselves and have a monetary bias, or they are partisan hacks and care only for their “team” and nothing for the rule of law. Nancy Pelosi said it best, “he (POTUS) does not have the power. That has to be an act of Congress.” Her statement is constitutionally based. Listen to Nancy.

But the decision that really seems to have stirred up the left, and from which we have seen the most vitriol, is related to a wedding website designer. She has been called bigot, homophobe, and worse. But it is in the most difficult to understand decisions that freedom and liberty are most in need of proper protection.

I understand how many in the LGBTQ+, my apologies if I left any acronym out, community feels slighted by this decision, but your feelings do not warrent governmental tyranny to oppress an individual and liberty as a whole.

Still don’t understand? Try this on for size. A person wearing a MAGA hat walks into an embroidery shop. They request that a dozen hats be embroidered with the phrase “Let’s Go Brandon.” The shop owner declines to fill the custom order based on their political leanings and their policy of not embroidering vulgarity. Of course “Let’s Go Brandon” itself is not vulgar, but we all know what it represents. And what it represents is vulgar. So, should the shop owner be forced by the government to fill the order? But what if we take vulgarity out of the scenario. What if they want the hat to read “Guns are Great” or “Gays are Gross”? Would the shop owner still have a right of refusal?

Web design is a custom product, just like embroidery. The web designer, arguably an artist, isn’t selling toothpaste and refusing to sell to the LGBTQ+ community. To deny to a customer the toothpaste is, in my opinion, bigoted and would not have constitutional protections. But using force to make an individual bend the knee and engage in creation that is antithetical to their morals is in of itself immoral.

I saw that an actor said he has “decided to forbid bigots and homophobes” from watching his work. I expect this is mostly virtue signaling since there is no actual means of his preventing anyone from watching his work. Since the entertainment (TV/Movie) industry is the basis of his work and is produced for the masses, it is impossible to isolate individuals within the masses from accessing/buying his product. I get his point; I just don’t agree with him.

The same could be said about creamed corn. No one is denying anyone the right to buy creamed corn. And I cannot recall hearing of anyone Jewish demanding a manufacturer produce kosher creamed corn. And if they do make such a demand and it goes to the Supreme Court, I expect the court to say “No! You cannot make such a demand.”

It seems far too many Americans misunderstand what is a constitutionally protected right, what is a privilege, and what is a moral obligation. We have no right to demand of others they surrender their values and morals because of other’s feelings. It is as simple as that.

Now, I’m going to go enjoy the rest of this Independence Day holiday with my family and friends. We are going to celebrate all that it means to be American. Long Live Liberty!

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