Diversity: Yet another word morphed by the left from its true meaning

Diversity: Yet another word morphed by the left from its true meaning

A California school district, along with others across the country, is removing honors/AP level courses from the curriculum because there is not enough diversity of students in them. So, in the name of diversity they are removing courses that are diverse from the rest of the general courses. Let me see if I have this straight, to be “diverse” in all things that we have been told our entire lives shouldn’t matter (race, sex, religion, creed), true diversity must be removed?

We are all similar in so many ways. We like to think we are diverse. But our similarities, the things that make us human, far outweigh any differences we have. We all love, hunger, thirst, poop, pee, lose our temper…etc. Most of us are empathetic, have a high opinion of ourselves, seek a higher meaning to our existence…etc. Or what some might call, our humanism. And while some lack empathy (psychopaths/sociopaths), have low self-esteem, or other abnormalities, these are also some of the differences that fall into the files of true diversity.

Some other things that would be considered being different or diverse: religion, race, sex, and creed. While religion may have a core basic function in society and might be considered similar, the diversity lies in the nuances associated within each religion. The same might be said of creed, both in and out of religion. Whether it is the 10 Commandments, or an individual’s empathy, most people’s creed is to not harm others. “Do no harm.” But the limits, or lack thereof, we place on ourselves, whether religious in our credo, are the nuances were diversity dwells.

Diversity should be celebrated. It is in diversity of the individual that most of the great ideas, works of art, inventions, motivators, etc. rise to the top. But the left’s push for a perverted definition of diversity is both misguided and an insult to the very fabric of functional society. It generates resentment and confusion as it is seen by many as a forced quota system. But far beyond that, forced diversity is the “Devil in the details.” Because in that forced diversity, true diversity becomes a casualty. True diversity encompasses all manner of being. The good, bad, and ugly, whereas forced diversity is one-sided. It is an ideology put forth by one group and enforced on all others to accept. If anyone objects or pushes back, they are immediately attacked and tactics are employed attempting to marginalize, “cancel”, or otherwise coerce them into acceptance of the forced diversity. And therein lies the paradox. True diversity is where free thought resides. Forced diversity is where coerced, indoctrinated thought is taught.

You needn’t go any further than our university campuses to see the stark contrast between true and forced diversity. On the one hand, the leftist ideology tends to be embraced and celebrated why the ideology of the right is vehemently protested and often shut down. Those that are of an ideology other than from the left are claimed to be steeped in “racism” and “white supremacy”and are therefore deemed illegitimate. This is a common attack tactic employed by the left when attempting to marginalize diverse thought. What is so unacceptable of the diversity from the right? I thought diversity was something to be embraced, even forced when necessary. Apparently, diversity that is different is out of bounds. And that is where the definition of diversity is shown to have been butchered. Because it’s really not diverse, it is exclusive.

Diversity of thought is what we should seek to protect and embrace. But that is not what is currently happening in American society. Honest debate has been replaced with attempts to debase. Allowing others to speak their mind freely has been supplanted by attempts to “cancel” those of different thought. Contrary viewpoints being allowed as part of a broader discussion has been morphed into removal from even being heard. There has been no greater damage done to diversity of thought than has been done to free speech by those in power, or control, labeling such viewpoints as “misinformation.”

Diversity itself is a blessing because it is the fertile grounds in which the greatness of ideas, and essentially all aspects of life, continues to thrive. But forcing diversity in an attempt to ensure equity is an adulteration of the very meaning of true diversity.
We have come a long way over the past 60 years in advancing equality. This was possible because we began looking out for each other, regardless of race. We begin to understand the truth in the equality of which Martin Luther King Jr. spoke. We still embraced merit as the true measure for individual advancement. We have abandoned all the advances we have made over the years. We have regressed into allowing race to be the first thing we take into account when making decisions. We are better than that. And it’s time we started acting like it.

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