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The Left’s Attempt to Inject “Democracy” into the Vernacular of the American Psyche

“Threat to our democracy.” That is the phrase repeated within the echo chambers of the media and Democratic Party over the last several days as they seek to establish the events at our nation’s capital January 6, 2021 as immemorial. And by repeating ad nauseam the phrase, they seek to condition average Americans into believing that America itself is a […]

The Bastardization of Democracy

I’m not certain who said this first, or even when I heard it for the first time. But I love the simplicity of this explanation of democracy. Democracy is three wolves and two sheep voting on what is for dinner. For quite some time now self-labeled Progressives, and others of their ilk, that claim to be something else have been […]

Conditioning to accept Health Care Authoritarianism

Health care has become the new rallying cry for those in power. By claiming to have the authority, nay the responsibility, to control our healthcare, the powers that be will push the narrative to advance an agenda they deem worthy, or even necessary, all under the guise of caring for the citizens. And the government is conditioning us to follow […]


Control the language, control the narrative, control the argument/debate in order to control society. Essentially it boils down to that. This is the game plan but this is not the first time that plan has been used. I believe you would find it in the greatest of propagandists the likes of Goebbels. Heck, it’s a ploy that’s likely been utilized […]