Conditioning to accept Health Care Authoritarianism

Health care has become the new rallying cry for those in power. By claiming to have the authority, nay the responsibility, to control our healthcare, the powers that be will push the narrative to advance an agenda they deem worthy, or even necessary, all under the guise of caring for the citizens. And the government is conditioning us to follow with blind acceptance.

The efforts being made by the government in this current Covid situation to limit, and even squash, any information outside the acceptable parameters of what they deem correct should be a glaring warning sign that they will do whatever they consider necessary for total and complete control. By asking big tech to censor free speech, they seek to do what they are constitutionally restricted from. And the big tech companies seem all too eager, or feel obliged or even coerced into labeling as “disinformation”, any and all that fall outside the realm of what has been categorized as acceptable science.

The affordable care act began the march toward socialized, or government ran healthcare. Once the government has complete control of healthcare, there will be waves of regulations implemented to change society via restrictive measures all under the guise of healthcare. Now some of those will appear benign and actually seem reasonable. Others, could be potentially nefarious, if not fatal, and most will be authoritarian.

One example of something that might seem reasonable is smoking. We all know that smoking is horrible for you. A personal choice which, over the long-term, is potentially one of the worst things you can do to your body. I realized that over a decade ago, and after about a decade of smoking, I quit. And I feel so much better. I have less sickness, no more sinus infections, no more coughing fits, I can run a 5K with relative ease. So, you might think I would be in favor of government making smoking tobacco illegal, NO!!! I’m not. Because I see where that road leads.

On the flip side, and an example of one that would be authoritarian, would be forced vaccination. That subject is very prevalent in the news at this moment. The government does understand, at least for the time being, that they cannot force vaccinate the populace based on the limited understanding of the Covid 19 virus and the vaccines currently available. I’ve seen many try to compare our current circumstance with difficulties of the past such as smallpox and polio, but these are oranges and we are talking about apples. But that doesn’t stop more localized government from coercing citizens to be vaccinated if they would like to do things such as go to a ballgame, eat in a restaurant, shop in a grocery store, the list goes on and on. This is, by any measure, an encroachment on peoples liberties. And I see even more clearly where this road would lead.

Let’s take an exit off that road toward authoritarianism. We’ll call this Exit 1, Climate Change.
As the environment does impact our overall health to varying degrees, this also provides the world’s governments to use the changes in our environment as a means of controlling essentially all industries. Regardless of whether these changes in our environment are man made or naturally occurring, government will seize this opportunity to control virtually every aspect of our existence. By claiming they are only acting in the best interests of the citizens, they will have sidestepped any restrictions placed on it, here in the United States via the Constitution and Bill of Rights, that protect the liberties of those same citizens. The World Health Organization (WHO) named several factors of health including clean-air, safe drinking water, sufficient food, and secure shelter, that are all being impacted by climate change. It’s no great stretch for the governments of the world to take this and present to its citizens regulations enacted to curtail the effects of climate change to improve the health of its citizens. Regardless of unintended consequences.

Now let’s take another exit. Exit 2, Gun Control.
Pres. Bidens Surgeon General, Vivek Murthy, who also happened to be Pres. Obama’s Surgeon General from December 2014-April 2017, tweeted in 2012, “Guns are a healthcare issue.” I don’t think it’s difficult to see where they’re heading with that.

When the government has finally achieved societal subservience to medical authoritarianism, they’ll have power to override the First Amendment with the help of big tech and attribute it to dispelling disinformation. And they’ll be able to override the Second Amendment by presenting guns as detrimental to people’s health. However, these are obviously not the end goal. The control of everything IS the end goal.

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      Well said, Brother. Once a right is forfeited for ‘safety’, whether for one person, or for the masses, it is seldom gained back. The loser tyrants we’ve sent to DC (as well as every state capitol) will never relinquish their gains, until We the People FORCE OUR WILL UPON THEM…WAKE UP AMERICA!!!

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