Unvaxxed? Don’t Expect a bed!!! You are NOT Deserving!!!

That’s what I have heard over the past year or so. But exactly what right do celebrities, everyday Americans or experts for that matter have in saying whom is deserving of healthcare? And at what level?

Since we are about 12 to 18 months into being able to look back, Monday morning quarterback if you will, and evaluate a great deal of what has transpired through the pandemic, I think reflection, reason, and rational thought are something we could do a little more with right now.

Let’s start with what you have, or haven’t questioned?
• Have you questioned the effectiveness of masks? Cloth masks? Paper masks? Surgical? N95? KN95? Respirator? And if respirator, what kind?
• Have you questioned the effectiveness of a vaccine? Especially since it had limited trials before being granted “emergency use status.”
• Have you questioned the safety of the current vaccine? More specific, mRNA vaccine?
• Do you know these are the first mRNA vaccines to receive FDA approval? And in a rush.
• Have you questioned these short and long-term side effects of this vaccine? Or of multiple injections?
• Have you considered herd immunity is what we should be counting on as we have for all other viruses to this point? Do you know what herd immunity is?
• Have you questioned if we should be mass vaccinating, or should we target the most susceptible/vulnerable among us?
• Have you questioned if mass vaccination has delayed the inevitable: Herd immunity?
• Have you questioned at what point might it be best to count on therapeutics?
• Have you questioned, when you hear that there are not any hospital beds available, why? Are there literally no beds? Or is it because the hospital is understaffed and there are floor(s) that are empty? Are they understaffed because of vax mandates?
• Have you questioned the experts? Have they been wrong, incompetent, maybe even nefarious this whole time?
• Have you questioned the authority of government to force vaccination on the masses?
If you haven’t asked these questions, why not? Or do you simply comply when told what to do? And if you have other questions, please share. I’ve questioned more than the aforementioned, but I’m certain I haven’t included all I have thought of.

Contrary to what you might think, the science is not settled. Recently, information has been trickling out that confirms concerns raised by many a year or more ago. Many of those concerns raised were squashed and labeled “misinformation”, “disinformation” or “conspiracy theory.” Social Media removed content, restricted access, suspended accounts, etc. When reasonable concerns are treated in this manner, a great many, including myself, ask ourselves, “why is this out-of-bounds? What are you trying to hide?” The science might be settled within your mind. Which would be understandable considering the great lengths that have been gone to in order to condition, brainwash, or hypnotize you into believing what you now believe. I recently heard it referred to as “mass formation.” You might want to look into that. But as is the natural order of things in a free society, the truth will eventually be exposed. And every day, more light shines on these truths.

Healthcare authoritarianism is essentially what we are talking about here. But bodily autonomy is a basic, nonnegotiable human right within a free society. The state does not own our individual selves. It never ceases to amaze how most people have a fluctuating line where authoritarianism begins and ends depending on the circumstance. Authoritarianism has no beginning and, therefore, no end when it comes to bodily autonomy. And if you believe that my personal decisions should impact the health care that I am given when in need, then maybe I can change your mind. That is, if you have not gone too far down the rabbit hole where you believe that you’re the arbiter of how others should conduct their lives.

Individually, we must assess and manage risk. We do it every day. When we get in our car and choose to drive 10 mi./h over the speed limit in our race to be on time, we choose a more risky outcome. If we strap a parachute on our back and jump out of an airplane, we choose a more risky outcome. If we dive with sharks, if we rock climb, if we climb to the top of Mount Everest, if we choose as a career to care for animals at the zoo, or race a car around the track at over 200 mi./h, we choose a more risky outcome.

Now why don’t we as individuals, or as a nation, seek to mandate our of existence all of the behaviors that I have mentioned? With the exception of going 10 mi./h over the speed limit which the police will generally not even look twice at, much less pull you over and give you a ticket. I’ll tell you why. Because we dismiss those individuals that choose to participate in those activities, at least the ones we ourselves would not participate in, as adventurous, being a little off, or maybe crazy. But we don’t seek to interject ourselves into their chosen lifestyle or choices. We might question their decisions, but we don’t seek to force our way of thinking on them. And if someone breaks a leg skydiving, would you tell them they don’t deserve proper health care? Maybe they should just go home and “suck it up.”

I began my working life at the age of 12 and still going strong some 40 years later. Well, at least as strong as my 12-year old self. My first paycheck, $65. Two days of hard work hauling and stacking “square” hay bales in barns. 500 bales/day, 7 cents/bale. Oh, minus the $5 for the busted truck headlamp when I ran into a farm implement. Yes, I drove the truck in the field at 12 years old. I could not reach the gas pedal and see over the dash at the same time. Sometimes that was sketchy at best. But I learned a valuable lesson: sometimes we pay for our mistakes. Cost me 5 sodas and 5 candy bars that time. Unlike the busted headlamp where science is pretty easy to explain, the science of this pandemic is not fully known and cannot yet be explained and is, therefore, far from settled.

Frustrations begin to spill over after awhile. I’ve paid my dues. Never looking for a hand-out. I haven’t occupied a hospital bed in a very long time. The only occurrence was a tonsillectomy when I was 7. I’ve been paying into medical insurance pretty much my entire professional career. You might say that I’ve earned the right to do my own thing, be it climbing a rock, or deciding for myself what I put in my body. And still expect that I’ll be able to get proper health care when needed. But for some people that’s not good enough. For some, compliance is mandatory or you don’t deserve that needed health care. You must agree with their assessment or you are just a selfish ass.

Don’t I own myself? Or, at least, isn’t that what we as an individual liberty protecting society believe? I’m not a serf. I’m not a slave. The government does not own my body. I deserve to be respected for my personal choices and opinions. Or another way to put it, my reasoned understanding of a situation. It’s not like I’m uneducated, incapable of critical thought, or a simpleton.

Here’s the question that keeps rattling around in my head every time I hear someone say the unvaxxed should not receive proper health care when needed. Why would anyone be so damned arrogant as to think they know it all? Be it Liam Neesen, Jimmy Kimmel, or YOU!?! Do you really believe you should ever decide others healthcare? Or is it just a great sound-bite, or meme to share? Or does it somehow give you a feeling of superiority?

One last thing. I’ve had Covid-19, probably the Delta variant. Dodged that bullet for nearly two years while not cowering in my basement in fear. I wasn’t hospitalized. I received a Monoclonal Anti-body infusion (a therapeutic) and had basically recovered after 3 days with no lingering ill effects. Why are vaccines and boosters, which are now proving lagging behind, still being touted as the best option? Just in case you haven’t figured it out yet, I’ll give you a little hint. $$$. Or, if you prefer something which might allow you to dismiss this all as “conspiracy theory”, how about population control. There are a great many more questions that need answered.

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