The Left’s Attempt to Inject “Democracy” into the Vernacular of the American Psyche

“Threat to our democracy.” That is the phrase repeated within the echo chambers of the media and Democratic Party over the last several days as they seek to establish the events at our nation’s capital January 6, 2021 as immemorial. And by repeating ad nauseam the phrase, they seek to condition average Americans into believing that America itself is a democracy. And anyone they label as a threat to democracy, is a threat to America itself. But this could not be further from the truth. Democracy, or tyranny of the majority, is the true threat to America.

The phrase, “a democracy is three wolves and two sheep voting on what’s for dinner” is a brilliant simplification of the fundamental aspect of how democracy can be used as a means of tyranny. A much more complex example would be the Affordable Care Act. Rammed through Congress, upheld by a big-government supporting Supreme Court, this legislation usurped limited government established by the U.S. Constitution. If healthcare is truly a right, as many on both the left and right espouse, the proper way of establishing that would be through the amendment process.

Do we elect our officials in a democratic manner? Yes. Whomever receives the most votes has won and becomes our elected official, democratically. With the lone exception being President where the electoral college still stymies those that seek democratic tyranny. Should we be deciding what is a “right” democratically? No. Why Not? What do you not understand about the 3 wolves and 2 sheep analogy?

What is truly troublesome for America is a combination of nefariousness individuals and groups, both in the public and private sectors, that seek to undermine America and its’ constitution. Additionally, a willful ignorance of others as to why America is structured as it is, or still others with an all-too-common lack of understanding of how America was never intended to be a democracy. I heard the story multiple times over the years of when Ben Franklin, upon its’ closing, exited the constitutional convention and was asked, and I paraphrase, “Dr. Franklin, what form of government have you given us?” His reply, “a republic, if you can keep it.” From the very beginning, these brilliant gentlemen that had an incredible understanding after having studied past and present governments of the world, as well as brilliant philosophers both past and present, had the option of establishing America as a democracy or some other form of government. And they chose not democracy. Very purposefully, they chose a republic with constitutional law as its foundation.

Now why did they choose a constitutional republic over democracy? Because they had been enduring the tyranny of King George thru his monarchy of Great Britain, the most powerful military nation on the planet at that time, for a great deal of their lives and understood that democracy was only a means for tyranny by the majority. Whereas a constitutional republic allows for individual’s rights to be protected. In fact, in a constitutional republic, the government is responsible for protecting the rights of the individual. In a democracy, there are no such individual rights. And the left, and many who claim to be from the right that many in America call “RINO’s” (Republican In Name Only), understand the law of individual rights stand in the way of bringing forth a new world order. An order where the state controls just about every aspect of our lives.

What we witnessed last January 6, was not Pearl Harbor or 9/11, as Vice-President Kamala Harris attempted to equivocate. But more likely a culmination of frustrations by a segment of Americans that have themselves witnessed incremental encroachment upon their individual rights by tyrannical, democratically elected officials. The actions taken on that day by a minority of protesters, likely ranging from anarchists to true patriots, was not a positive for America in general. Maybe the only positive to have come out of it is that elected officials have witnessed firsthand frustrations shared by a great many of those they have been elected to serve. Not enslave and rule.

So, for anyone out there that continues to call America a democracy, especially after having read this, it is presumably due to one of the three factors laid out at the beginning of paragraph 4. You either are seeking nefariously to undermine America and the establishment of law as it’s governmental foundation, and therefore are the true threat to Americans and America itself. Or you are willfully or obliviously ignorant of the original intent of the establishment of this great constitutional republic.

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      Very few of today’s politicians seek anything other than power. Power to hold the electorate under their thumb, power to limit upward movement in the class structure, or power to control the day-to-day activities of the common folk. Sound like any of your current elected people? I remember hearing my old man say “ain’t nuthin gunna change until some of these politicians’ heads are layin’ on the steps of the capitol”.

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