Systemic Racism. Systemic Authoritarianism.
One is a False Narrative to Distract from the Other, Very Real, Threat to Liberty.

At the inception of the United States of America, slavery was an institution utilized by many, but far from by all, to build both individual wealth and national wealth as well as infrastructure. Many understood slavery to be the abomination that it is. The Civil War was fought with abolitionism as a key component to rectify this great wrong perpetrated on a great many people. Post-Civil War reconstruction became an opportune moment for progressives to transition the country into what we find ourselves immersed in today: Systemic Authoritarianism.

Many contend that our system of governance is racist at its roots. Ergo, systemic racism. But I would counter that the system in no way establishes a hierarchy based on race. I would, however, agree that individual racists do work within the system, which allows them to further their own racial, or otherwise radical agendas. When these individuals with nefarious ambitions are found out, they should be prosecuted to the fullest extent the law allows. Because there are not and should never be any protections, under the law, that allow for discrimination based on race, creed, color, etc.

On the other hand, systemic authoritarianism has become rampant over the past one and a half centuries. Individuals that have governed the American people during this period have taken it upon themselves to create a very powerful structured means of governance that has suppressed individual liberties for the sake of the “collective”. Progressives such as Woodrow Wilson, Franklin D. Roosevelt and the “New Deal”, Lyndon B. Johnson and “The Great Society”, and Barack Obama’s “Affordable Care Act” have all been designed to force the American populace to relent liberties for “the greater good”. Through empty promises, deception, and outright lies, progressives have time and again encroached on individual liberty by establishing federally administered authoritarian programs. Each with rules and regulations that not only crushes liberty, but stymies innovation and true progression.

Arguments both for and against government programs that have been implemented and institutionalized by progressives have been going on since their inception. And will likely continue well into this 21st century. Many believe in and accept the relinquishment of a great many liberties for the utopian dream of security. Whether in a group or as individuals, those with the progressive mindset will continue pressing for more systemic authoritarianism. It is for them, after all, an acceptable means of progression. And many have even accepted a very aggressive and dangerous approach “By Any Means Necessary”, or BAMN.

What would be the antithesis of Progressivism? Would it be Conservative? Libertarian? Most likely, the answer would be anarchy. Because the progressive doesn’t believe in, the least bit, limited government. They believe in governance by an all-powerful centralized government. A ruling class of institutionally educated “experts” with very little, if any, real world experiences. The wisdom of the ages dies a slow death in the groupthink institutions of our own creation. “We The People” are little more than peons in their world wherein they must administer their all-knowing, all-encompassing, governmentally sanctioned control. For our own good of course. After all, who are we, the great unwashed, to stand in the way of progress?

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